Lentri is currently closed while I am on maternity leave. I will be returning in January 2021. Please do not place an order as it will not be fulfilled. See you soon!.


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Lentri Jewellery


Based in the glorious Cornish countryside, Lentri creates beautiful handmade 925 Sterling silver jewellery. Coming from the Kernewek (that's Cornish to you and me!) word for 'gleam', the name Lentri seemed apt, both for the gleaming silver jewellery that I make and sell, and the wonderful surroundings that inspire it.

 Lentri is the creation of former emmet  - and now permanent resident of Cornwall - Georgina Colley: 

“Having originally taken up jewellery making during an evening class as a way to meet new people, I quickly found that I genuinely loved learning new skills and creating pieces of jewellery. The combination of creative design and hands-on sawing, filing and soldering strikes a perfect balance for me, so moving on to making jewellery to sell has been – and continues to be – a really exciting journey.I still remember how proud I was of my very first piece – a slightly wonky copper ring that I could barely believe I'd created from scratch! I'm learning all the time, but I really love the fact that I can now make beautiful, quality pieces of jewellery that people enjoy wearing.”


Lentri aims to make lovely looking, high-quality, handmade pieces of jewellery that are perfect for everyday wear, or to complement a look for a special occasion.