Lentri is currently closed while I am on maternity leave. I will be returning in January 2021. Please do not place an order as it will not be fulfilled. See you soon!.


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Purchasing Jewellery From Lentri.com

Thank you for visiting the website and your interest in purchasing a piece of Lentri jewellery. All items have been lovingly and skillfully crafted by Georgina Colley, Lentri's jewellery designer and silversmith.

Below you will find helpful information on how to add a product to your basket, then once you are finished shopping, details on how to move through the checkout steps to complete your purchase. I'm available to help by phone or email if you prefer to speak with someone.


Finding A Product

There are two main ways to find products on Lentri.com.

1) Using the internal search feature

On the top-right of all pages (or the centre on smartphones and small screen devices) on Lentri.com, you will find the internal search feature.

Internal search feature to find jewellery on Lentri.com


1. Click on the 'Search...' box and type in what you're hoping to find. Some examples, are 'buttefly', 'rainbow' or 'heart'.

2. Click on the magnifying glass button, following this the website will provide a list of matching products.

3. If you're looking for a specific piece of jewellery e.g. a ring. Select the 'ALL' dropdown menu and filter to a specific category e.g. 'Rings', then enter your search term and click the magnifying glass button.


2) Browse Categories

Browsing categories allows you to see all pieces within a specific range. For instance if you're mainly interested in pendants, then going to the Pendants category will allow you to view all of Lentri's necklaces.

To go to any categories on Lentri.com, the easiest way is to use the navigation menu and click on the link to the relevant category:

Lentri.com navigation menu

If you're on a smartphone, the navigation menu looks like this:

Lentri.com mobile navigation button

Touch on the menu and the list of categories will expand, like this:

Lentri.com - expanded mobile menu

Touch on the relevant category and it will take you a category page containing all relevant pieces of jewellery.


Adding A Product To Your Basket

There are two ways to add a product to your basket.

1) Straight from the category, by selecting the shopping cart icon (please see purple arrow below).

Add to basket from category

 2) I highly recommend going through to the individual product page. From here you will to find out more detail about the jewellery piece, such as size, dimensions, material and other pertinent information. To add a jewellery piece to your basket from within the product page, click on 'Add to Basket'.

N.B. Qty or Quantity, only needs to be updated if you would like to purcase two or more of the same item.


Understanding Your Basket

Animated walk-through for customers to understand Lentri.com's basket


Progressing Through Checkout

Once you are happy with the items in your basket, click on 'Proceed to Checkout'. You will be presented with 6 steps to complete your purchase. If you already have an account, this will be 5 steps and most of your information will be stored, allowing you to checkout in only a few clicks (one of the main advantages of creating an account).

Step 1 - Guest checkout, create an account or log in

Select either 'Guest checkout' or 'Create an account', then click 'Continue'. Both options will will take you to the next step to enter your billing information. The only difference is that, if you select 'Create an account', you will be asked to enter a password, and to confirm your password.

Checkout overview

Steps 2 & 3 - Billing and Delivery information

Add your billing details and address, followed by details on where you would like your jewellery items to be delivered. 

Step 4 - Delivery method

Select your preferred delivery method. You can read about Lentri's delivery options on the Delivery and Returns page.

Step 5 - Payment information

Accepted payment is by all major credit and debit card providers.


Enter your card details over the secure and encrypted website. If paying by MasterCard or Visa, you may additionally need to go through a verification step.

Payment is also accepted by PayPal. If you select PayPal as your payment option, you will be redirected to the PayPal website to log in to your PayPal account and confirm your payment. After successfully completing your confirmation through PayPal, you will be redirected back to Lentri.com and see a success page with details of your purchase and order number.


Confirming Your Order

Once you have entered your payment information, a final step before completing your purchase is to review your order. Please carefully check all items, particularly sizes and quantities, but also pricing, delivery costs and delivery address. If everything looks good, complete your order and you will receive a order confirmation page with details of your purchase and your order number. This information will also be sent to you by email.


Viewing Your Order & Tracking Delivery

One of the main benefits of creating an account with Lentri is that from within your account you are able to view your order history and the status of your order. If you have ordered an item which is in stock we will dispatch the item the same day or next working day (please see our Delivery policy for full details). Once your item is dispatched we will send you an email confirmation, which will also include a tracking code to allow you to see your item's journey by courier.